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Museum of Natural History

A memorable museum experience also for the kids

Museum of Natural History | Sightseeing in Vienna

The Museum of Natural History is one of the world's most important natural history museums with its large collection from the time of the German Empire. From the origins of life to the beginning of human culture, this museum tells the history of the world and takes each visitor on a breathtaking journey through time.

The Museum of Natural History is not only a unique experience for adults: children and teens will also have fun seeing the many dinosaurs, pterosaurs, and archaeopteryx.

A variety of themed tours introduce the visitor to the many treasures.

The building of the Museum of Natural History along with its sister building, where the Museum of Art History is located, belong to the enclosed ensemble that surrounds the Maria-Theresien-Platz. It was opened in 1889 and houses the large natural history collections of the imperial court.

Another impressive site is the 60 m high cupola of the museum, where you can see a depiction of the sun god Helios. Below the cupola is a splendidly decorated grand staircase with its allegorical representation of earth and space.

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