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Schönbrunn Zoo

The oldest zoo in the world

Schönbrunn zoo | Attractions in Vienna

Schönbrunn Zoo is the oldest, still existing zoo in the world and, after extensive restoration and upgrades, now also one of the world's most modern.

Opened in 1752 by Emperor Franz I on the grounds of the imperial summer residence and once intended only for members of the imperial family, Schönbrunn zoo can now proudly look back on a long tradition as a popular excursion destination for families and animals lovers. The Schönbrunn zoo participates in breeding programs for endangered animals and has enjoyed great success.

The birth of baby panda Fu Long in 2007 marks the first successful attempt anywhere in the world to have pandas breed naturally in captivity. The successful breeding of polar bears, Siberian tigers, elephants, orangutans, and other rare species has also attracted attention.

With a variety of events, Schönbrunn Zoo regularly piques people's interest; along with specific themes, fun and entertainment are also on the program for kids.

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